Why join The Home Savers?

There are various ways real estate agents can help homeowners in need. After all, many homeowners have found that banks and lenders will usually put them on hold for several minutes after telling them that their menu options have changed. And for many homeowners, this approach doesn’t cut it any more. They want to talk to real people and get straight answers.

Options may include filing for bankruptcy, filing a “Deed in Lieu”, or simply making an arrangement with the lender to sell the property.

Home Saver Options – What Can Be Done?

Beware of unlicensed “house flippers” or real estate investors, whose only goal is to buy a property as cheaply as possible so they can turn around and sell it for a profit. They will tell open-faced lies to home owners. Why? Because if they can’t buy the property at a great discount, THEY will lose money.

A licensed real estate professional can help a homeowner by intelligently discussing their options and giving honest answers. Frequently asked questions include:

How much have homes recently sold in my area? [Some online sites aren’t always accurate!]

How much time do I have? [Usually, more time than you think!]

Will my bank take less than what is owing on my loan? [Yes, it is possible!]